Video Background for musical perfomance
K-Pop World Festival 2019
Bell and the Beats
For the first live presentation of the song You and Me at the K-pop World Festival in 2019 I created:
-Art concept
-Video Background
-Light Design
-Motion Graphics
Illustration created for the video and presentation 
Pictures from the presentation using the background and light design 

Video Ads made with footage of the presentation

Media coverage from the event after positive feedback from the Korean Embassy 
Correio Braziliense
Estimate price: 163.688,00R$
Cm: 148
Topics - K-pop, Music, Travels

In this project, I work as 
- Video editor, creating all the video background for the musical performance
- Motion graphics, creating specific animations and special effects for the video
- Illustrator, creating the illustration to be part of the final video
- Creative director, helping the group to create visual content 

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