Growing up in one of the poorest and vulnerable Brazilians communities called favelas made me a very creative - and wild - child. What I lacked in sources I always had in will power. Study marketing taught me how capitalism works, and through education and work, I've had the chance to realise a dream, study fashion design in one of the most prestigious universities in London.

I've been challenging myself to grow up as a person and as a professional every day. My obsessive-compulsive mind has helped me to have real results in every project where I worked. I believe organisation, clear communication, documentation and strong work ethics are at this point part of my very personality.
I'm a Post Graduate fashion design student from University of Westminster and bachelor of communication (Hons) advertising, my background in marketing and communication and my love for music and arts helps to shape my creative journey in fashion.

I'm ready for new challenges and projects to keep growing, teaching, learning and working - I seriously LOVE to work -

Rod M 
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